“Keep Moving Forward”


Writing can be very frustrating. I was at a point in my short horror story where the MC meets other important characters in the story, but the greetings didn’t feel right. The dialogue was weak and unrealistic for what had been transpiring with the MC.  I was getting frustrated and started opening up Facebook and checking my email and such.

Of course, this didn’t really fix anything and I was only holding myself back. I remembered two things after a few minutes of distracting myself.

1: Write now, Revise Later

2: Keep Moving Forward.

The first is what just about every well known writer has every said in an interview when asked, “What advice would you give to all the aspiring writers out there?”  It’s true. Right now I have a very weak spot of dialogue in my story. However, I’m 600 words farther right now than I was a half hour ago when I didn’t want to write until I figured out what needed to be said at that point.  I know it can be revised later to be stronger, but if it still isn’t as perfect as I want it to be, then at least I have a completed story and not at the same spot as I was yesterday.

The other is from Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons” which is one of my favorite movies. The quote is simple and to the point. Keep moving forward. In my case, Keep writing and keep writing and keep writing. Sooner or later, it’ll be of better quality and easier to pour out. I won’t need to go back and revise AS MUCH.  It’s also a very positive outlook on life itself. Don’t focus on your mistakes, Don’t worry about things you can’t change, just keep moving forward.

I’m putting a lot of things on my plate as far as collaborating on a Sci-fi Novella with another writer, offering detailed critiques and edits to a different writer’s short stories and chapters, writing my own shorts, starting up my poetry again, and this blog.  It’s a lot on top of my working schedule.  It’s a challenge, but I’ll keep moving forward. I have things I WILL accomplish, not just “want” or a “might” accomplish one day.

What will you accomplish?


2 comments on ““Keep Moving Forward”

  1. I can relate to this…

  2. Alena S.Y. says:

    Thanks for the follow! Reading through your posts now and I can understand the frustration of wanting smash my keyboard. Revising instead of writing is an abyss often difficult to climb out of. Looking forward to more of your work!

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