Flash Fiction

Chad had a demon inside of him; this he knew. It festered at the site of Christine and became almost uncontrollable at times. It felt like lava burning in the pit of his stomach traveling up to his chest like a godforsaken plague of endless heartburn. Each time it did this it seemed to slowly ash away his humanity; he was becoming a hollow shell of dust.

Chad watched Christine come into the coffee shop everyday since he started working there. Why would she torment him so much he wondered? She already teased him everyday in high school by giving him those looks. Oh, how it boiled his blood to think of those tantalizing looks. The way her eyes squinted as if judging him, as if telling him he’d never have her, and as if he was worthless to her.
That’s fine he knew; he would submit to his mortal sin while making her the same order everyday after school. Chad didn’t need any violent physical act to get his revenge. Though the thought of a knife slowly piercing her milky white flesh was almost orgasmic to him, it would raise an alarm among the humans. No. Each day he accomplished his diabolical plan of slow slaughter to the seemingly innocent diabetic succubus.
She always asked for decaf, but Chad never gave it to her. He would snicker every time she left the coffee shop. The black liquid death desolating the receivers in her filthy organs until one day they shutter and shut down made him smile wickedly. He made another Regular Coffee for her.


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