The Wilting of Amy Rose ch1pt2

Even though she was bundled up with a large maroon colored puffy coat, black gloves, blue scarf, and ear muffs, it felt good to have the heater on full blast. She hoped her nose would stop running and not be so red. She hated when her nose ran, which it did all the time recently. Amy stretched up and glanced into the rear view mirror taking a quick look at herself. She looked horrible; eyes red from a mixture of hardly any sleep and crying. She had bags under them. Her complexion was pale and she noticed she forgot to put on any make up at all. “A withered Rose now,” Amy said to herself feeling a lump form in her throat. Richard had called her a, “Rare rose of beauty,” numerous times because of her last name.

Amy rose, 27, daughter of a very proud Frank and Kathy Rose. Amy wished her mother was still around. She always had good advice for her. Kathy rose had died last summer succumbing to her battle with lung cancer. It should of made Amy quit smoking, but it only made her smoke more from stress. She had watched her die in the hospital where she works, Grand River Medical Hospital. Amy was so proud of herself when she was accepted to be a nurse there, but that seemed like decades ago now.

Richard turned down Nelmar Road and Amy followed. She couldn’t believe she could still cry, but tears began to run down her pale freckled face. Amy knew where Richard was going, she knew before he got into the car, but it hurt so bad to be right and actually see what was going on. For so long she tried to deny it.

“All the things you said…were they all lies? Did you mean any of it?”

She just wanted it to stop. At times, it felt like her heart was literally breaking inside of her chest. Those were the times Amy wished it would just stop beating all together. Just stop.

“Why do I still care and hurt so bad?…It’ll be over soon…It has to, I cant take this shit anymore..”

Richard slowed down and pulled into Hillary Fletchinger’s drive way.


The Wilting of Amy Rose. Ch1Pt1

Amy fidgeted with her long brown curls as she waited. She hated waiting. Patience was a word Amy didn’t have time to understand. She grabbed her phone and checked her Facebook account. No Notifications. She scrolled down her Friends List and selected “Richard Kane”. His profile popped up with a new status update, “Going on a much needed vacation to get away from everything…

“To get away from me Richard? To run away from our relationship? With her?”

Amy could feel her face getting red with anger. She needed a cigarette. She tossed her phone into the passenger seat and started digging through her purse on her lap. Of all the purses she could of gotten, she had to buy the one with a million pockets. It looked more like a tan leather sack with a shoulder strap than a purse. She dug around until she found it next to the hunting knife.

Only a matter of time now,” she thought as she lit her Marlboro cigarette and took a long pull off it. Amy exhaled slowly and grinned as she watched the smoke disappear.

She’ll make him disappear.

He’ll never hurt anyone ever again. It was her duty to do so, she was justified. Her memories wouldn’t fade but her pain would; especially after Richard leaves for his “vacation” that he wouldn’t be returning from.

Minutes dragged on like snails as she sat in her Ford Probe several houses down from Richard’s house. Amy watched the snow flakes slowly fall from the sky. She wondered if it got cold every year because God just got tired of caring about everyone. So many sinful people not worrying about their souls and letting themselves be controlled by their flesh.

She gripped the cross around her neck. A gift from her deceased mother. She thought about her mother’s words when she gave her the cross, “If you do the right thing all the time, God will notice and protect you. He will guide you to the doors of Heaven.”

This wasn’t Murder, it was Justified Punishment.

She looked up and her heart sank momentarily. There he was. An advocate to the Devil. A man with a serpent tongue spreading slithering lies. Without realizing it, Amy’s hand went to the knife and pulled it out of her purse.

“Soon,” she whispered as if she had to re-assure herself that it would be used. Amy watched him walk to his black Trail Blazer. He wore a black skull cap covering his short blonde hair with the leather coat she had given him on his birthday in October.

“Just use me, that’s all you ever did.”

Richard opened the car door and got in. Amy grabbed her phone and called his number watching him closely. He looked down for a few seconds, then set something down in the passenger seat. His phone went to voice mail. She hung up feeling very hollow inside. Last try, Last chance.

Richard started his Trail Blazer and let it warm up a few minutes before pulling off the side of the road, where he was parked, and into traffic. Amy took one last pull from her cigarette before putting it out and started her car to follow behind.

The Wilting of Amy Rose (Blurb)

The Wilting of Amy Rose

Near the edge of her breaking point, Amy Rose finds herself traveling down the path to murder. She’s not a killer, not a psychopath, but a simple woman seeking justice. That justice, however, involves a quick thrust of a knife. In the end, maybe something is wrong with Amy Rose’s mind.

Join Amy and the people who interacted in her life through different events that have led to this moment. Each person tells their own story that is connected to Amy and sheds light on who she really is. Is she deranged? Will she be strong enough to fulfill her justice?

***First draft for one of my novels. Excerpts will follow.***

Her lips. (Flash Fiction)

Her lips were soft.

There was a taste of revenge on her tongue though, and I knew exactly what I meant to her. She slowly pulled away and looked at me with large brown eyes. They were so inviting.

I really wanted to.

“What about Grey?” I asked simply.

“What ABOUT Grey? He’s nothing anymore.” She said unbuttoning my shirt.

“This isn’t right,” I said grabbing her hands.

“Are you serious? What guy says that at this moment?”

“The nice ones, that finish last and see all the mistakes everyone else has made,” I replied buttoning my shirt back up and walking for the door.

“That was stupid. You’re a waste of..” Her words were cut off by the door closing behind me.

I didn’t need to hear them. It didn’t matter if Grey was a friend of mine or not. It was the fact that I knew about the two of them. What kind of scum would go a long with that anyway?

Karma can become a calamity to those who ignore her.

As I walked away from the small townhouse, I took my phone out and sent Grey a text saying his wife just kissed me. We weren’t good friends, only co-workers, but wrong is wrong and I have enough Sins to worry about.


Thank you for reading. I tried to write a flash fiction story with a minimal amount of details and names that would still draw you into the scene. Let me know if you liked or disliked it.

Another one of those nights.

“Blah,” would be the word that comes to my mind tonight. I tried writing some story ideas that I’ve had for a little while, but nothing seemed to really grab my attention. I mainly read other peoples’ blogs and short stories which I found intriguing and I started following a few of them.  Maybe That’s why I couldn’t write well tonight, I needed to connect with others for future support, inspiration, or collaboration? Who knows. Inspiration can come from anything or anyone.

From a positive point a view, I have the beginning started on three short stories which came to about 700 words total tonight. That might not sound like a lot to some, but it’s more than 0 words. 


The Seed. (Short Story)

This is a short story I wrote in the last two or three hours for the submission to:

They are a small group planning on publishing an E-book. The deadline is November 1st.  I figured it’d be another way to get my name out there if they accept this. 🙂

The Seed

Jack watched the lightening in the distance and felt the wind increasing. It was gonna be a good night of sleeping once the storm got there. He took another pull from his tobacco pipe and let the smoke out slowly. “I could use a good nights sleep..” He said to himself. Jack dumped the ashes from his pipe and stepped back into his trailer.
He returned to his vacant recliner and resumed watching the History channel.  He could hear the rain starting to fall on the roof heavier and heavier as the time passed.
At the end of his show, a knock came at the front door. It was hard and rapid and screamed of Urgency.
Jack quickly got up and opened the door to a soaking wet young woman. She looked frail and beaten with thin strands of black hair clinging to her thin face.
“Help,” was all she said as she barged into Jack’s home.
“Wha…what’s wrong? who are you?” Jack stammered not really knowing what to do.
The woman sat down  on the small couch next to Jack’s recliner. She was holding her left side which Jack could now see was bleeding.
“Oh shit, okay, I can call an ambulance. Don’t worry, okay?”
“No!” she screamed, “Can’t you see there’s no time. You have to help me Now!”
Jack froze in uncertainty, “ you want me to do?”
“Come here..” she calmly said looking up at him with emerald eyes.
Jack’s legs moved on their own bringing him to the kneeling position next to her.
She smelled of smoke with a light hint of death which was almost nauseating.
The woman grabbed his plaid shirt and pulled him into a kiss.
The smell seemed to disappear along with the fact that she was freezing cold, wet, and bleeding on his new couch.
Her lips were soft and full. Once her tongue slipped into Jack’s mouth to meet his, it felt like she breathed something sweet into his lungs.
“We’re both going to die.” she whispered to him after she pulled away.
Jack was speechless. The whole thing confused him so much that he had no idea what he would even try to ask if something had even popped into his head.
That’s when it began.
The woman with emerald eyes fell back with a blank stare and mouth slightly open. She was dead.
“What the fuuuuck!? Hey! Lady! Say something for Christ’s sake!” Jack tried shaking her but she was limp.
“Okay…Okay..I’ll call 9-1-1 and..we’ll get this sorted out.,” Jack said to himself as he began to shake slightly from uncertain fear.
He stood up hearing the cracks in his knees which always made him feel older than what he really was.
Jack never got to his cell phone which was laying on the counter next to the sink. Fortunately for him, his living room had thick carpet which somewhat cushioned his fall to unconsciousness.
When he opened his eyes, a black pair of soulless eyes stared back at him. No words spoken, only a hatred growing on the face of the man that stood over Jack. The Man was clean shaven with a dark gray bowler hat which matched his suit. He had a thin frame with boney fingers.
The man in the dark gray suit reached behind his back and produced a black wicked looking curved dagger which he prepared to bring down on Jack.
On instinct, Jack kicked upwards sending the stranger stumbling forward and over Jack.
Jack sprang up and turned around. “Who are you!? What do you want!? I don’t know that woman or what happened to her!” Jack yelled out desperately trying to find out what this psychotic man wanted.
“I want the Mana Seed.” The man in the dark gray suit sneered as he charged Jack.
Jack grabbed the man’s wrists and tried holding him off.
“I…don’t..have any seeds!” Jack said struggling.
There was no arguing with the man. He had a rage in his black eyes and an unstoppable death in his hand.
 It was the most frightening experiences of Jack’s life. Watching slowly as his strength left him to fatigue and the knife inched slowly to his chest.  He watched his demise in slow motion. Jack couldn’t fight any longer, the man with the black eyes was stronger than he looked.
The knife pierced his chest and into his heart.
The man in the dark gray suit watched the curved dagger  waiting for it to extract the Mana Seed, but there was nothing. No reaction, No glow; This pathetic vessel was actually empty.
Jack’s body went limp and slumped down to the ground.
The ‘Suit’ pulled out his cell phone and began calling his superior.
“The womans dead, the seed is gone…Yes…I tried to extract from both bodies…Nothing…I’ll keep looking.” He hit the “End” button on his cell while stepping out into the rain and disappeared into the darkness.
Jack’s body lay there motionless for some time before anything happened. Slowly, a blue glow began to illuminate where the knife had penetrated.  Jack’s flesh began to weave itself back together. His lungs filled and he exhaled slowly; opening his eyes which were finally full of understanding.
Jack stood up in silence and looked over at Alicia who was  the Seed’s previous vessel.  Tears crept down his smooth face which he caught on his finger tips.
He walked over to Alicia and placed a tear on each of her wounds.
“Life,” He whispered and watched a faint glow engulf her body.
Alicia gasped deeply and began coughing.
“About damn time! Being dead isn’t any fun you know!”
Jack smirked, “I know how it feels.”
Alicia stood up wiping the strands of hair from her face and looking Jack over. The slight wrinkles in his face had vanished and the gray in his brown hair was gone. He looked ten or fifteen years younger now. He could pass for someone being in their late twenties.
“Lets get out of here. There’s much to discuss,” Alicia said heading towards the back door, “Let’s bring Magic back to this barren world.”

Horror Story

***This is half of a horror story I’m working on. No title yet. Let me know what you guys think of it. I’m aware some parts a little more “tell” than “show.” I’ll go back and smooth those parts out once I’m finished.  Thank you for your time and comments!***

There was no explosion; only the car, trees, and an impact which caused the airbags to finally be deployed. No one was around to witness the accident, not even wild life; it was unnaturally silent after the crash. The driver and passenger began checking themselves over as they were waiting for the airbags to fully deflate. The two young men slowly opened the car doors and stepped out into the half moon lit night.

Dustin delicately fingered the shallow gash in his forehead, “I swear, if I need stitches for this, I’m going to murder your face with my fist.”

Gene scowled at his longtime best friend. “It’s not my fault you drive like a MORON at night time around curves like THAT!” Gene said pointing up towards the cliff where Dustin’s car had rammed through the guard rail and plummeted down.

Dustin couldn’t believe he had just totaled his graduation present. It wasn’t much to exactly look at,even before the crash, nor was it brand new; but it was new to him and got him places he wanted to go. Maybe he DID drive too fast at times, but what 18 year old didn’t with a new car? Regardless, he knew he should of been saying praise to his Lord and Savior for allowing him to walk away from the accident with just a deep cut on his forehead. However, it wasn’t necessarily HIS fault he drove through the guard rail and down a good sized cliff.

“Just tell me one thing, what exactly was it that you saw before you grabbed the wheel?” Dustin asked looking into the car to search for his cell phone.

Gene’s scowl on his skinny angular face immediately disappeared and was replaced with a look of genuine concern, “It was a man..or a woman or..somebody.” Gene looked back up the cliff for a moment shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other before turning back to Dustin who popped his head back out of the car.
“Don’t worry, I didn’t freak out over Bambi crossing the road.”

Good, Dustin thought, because if it HAD been a deer then Gene would be on the ground with a broken nose to go with the one spider cracked lens in his glasses. Of course, Dustin would of felt like shit afterwords since he’s about twice the weight of Gene.

Dustin let out a soft sigh as he walked away from his Ford Probe and a few feet towards the bottom of the cliff. He peered into the darkness to try and detect any movement.
“HEELLLOOOO!? Anyone up there!?” Dustin yelled out.

There was an eerie silence that seemed to swallow up the moment. It was only broken momentarily by the sound of a gust of wind blowing through the pine trees that surrounded them.
“Creepy.” Gene muttered.
Dustin called up again but still received no response. He thought about climbing up in case he had clipped the person and not realized it. The cliff, however, was too steep to go back up.

“Give me your phone,” Dustin said turning away from the cliff.


“What!? You had it on charge before we left Chad’s house!”

“The light switch for the outlet must of gotten flicked off because it never charged my phone. I’m sorry
man, where’s yours?” Gene asked empathetically.

Dustin had been driving with his phone on his lap right before the crash. He was texting his girlfriend, Linda, back and forth. She had yelled at him before for texting while driving a few times, but he always just shrugged it off. Once the car had struck the guard rail, the phone was launched up and bounced around the car cracking the screen and doing some kind of internal damage.
“It hit something in the crash and broke.”

“Fuck! How are we going to get help? There’s nothing around here but woods and hills!” Gene said with frustration as he looked around the area.

The young men had been driving home from visiting their friend Chad. He had recently moved four hours away to goto college. Dustin and Gene had to drive through parts of Virgina to get to and from.

“We can’t get back up so we’ll just head down through these woods and hope we pop out onto a road. I’m sure we’ll find someone passing by,” Dustin said as he began down into the woods that surrounded them.

Gene followed behind shaking his head. He had wanted to be home by now; not still driving with another two hours to go.

As the young men started their decent through the woods, someone was watching. He stood smiling and naked slowly swaying back and forth on the road above them. His body was bloated, fat, and hairless. He was hungry, and he started to follow.

The trek through the woods wasn’t exactly easy. Both of the guys’ knees and legs were bruised from the accident and walking on them seemed like a strenuous chore. Thankfully, it wasn’t raining or cold out as they searched for help. They walked for about an hour when they came out onto a service road.

“Sweet. No one around,” Gene said looking one way then the other, “Wait..What’s that?”

They stood in silence for a moment before a wave of relief washed over them.
“Thank God for 24 hour Walmarts!” Dustin chuckled as both him and Gene headed towards the only building in a 20 mile radius.

“At least getting help should be easy.” Gene muttered

The doors slid open as the young men stepped into the store. It was close to 3 A.M. so they didn’t expect to see anyone shopping. No one was; Only employees in the store.

“Oh My God!” Said the brunette at the cash register with a thick country accent, “What happened to ya’ll?”

Dustin and Gene walked up to the woman and the man who she had been talking to before she noticed them walking in. They told the employees what had happened.

“Wow, sounds right nasty.” Jake said as he pulled out his cell phone and handed it to Gene to use.

“I got some wet naps here darlin’. You can clean some of tha blood off your face.” Alison said in a sweet voice.

Dustin smiled and felt completely relieved at this point. Alison, the Night shift manager, and her co-worker Jake, one of four workers on the night shift not including Alison, were sympathic and kind. They both looked like they were in their mid-twenties with brunette hair and skinny faces.

They could of been brother and sister for all Dustin knew. Maybe Jake wouldn’t mind if he tried to get a number out of this “poor me” situation. Alison was definitely attractive; she had a thin body with a sexy southern accent that Dustin found very arousing. There was also no ring on her finger which was a major plus.

Gene dialed 9-1-1 on Jake’s phone and hit the send button. It was an older phone so it took a second to process and call the number.

“9-1-1 What’s your emerg–” The man’s voice was cut off.

Gene looked down at the phone as the signal was lost.
“You got bad reception in here?”

“Nah, my phone works perfect,” Jake said a little puzzled as he took the phone from Gene, “What the shit?”

Dustin was staring into Alison’s engulfing brown eyes while she gently cleaned the cut on his forehead when the main lights of the store went out and the emergency lights came on.

“Jeeesus!” Alison yelled. She grabbed her radio and called for everyone to check in.

“Dean here. What happened?”

“Marco. In warehousing still.”

“Abby In electronics.”

“I don’t know, ya’ll just come to the front. Can ya check tha fuses for me Marco?” Alison responded.


“Well, This is a first. Power don’t even go out during winter.” Jake said.

Gene wanted to scream. They were so close to getting help sent out their way and heading home. He just wanted a shower and his bed.

After a short time the rest of the workers gathered near the entrance of the store. Marco had called over that the fuses were all good. He had made sure the back doors were closed and locked and arrived in the front shortly after everyone else.

“I don’t know what’s happening but the land line is dead too, ain’t got no dial tone. Do ya’ll’s cells work?” Alison said looking around her crew.

Almost simultaneously, everyone pulled out their cells and either shook their heads no or grunted in a negative way.

Dustin didn’t like what was going on. Why wouldn’t their cell phones work all of a sudden? They all couldn’t have the same network, right?

“Alrighty, This is what we’re gonna do–” Alison begun saying before she was interrupted.

The glass of the front doors shattered as something walked through it. He was huge, he was drooling, he was naked.

“What the fuck!” Marco and Dean said in unison as Abby screeched.

The fat man stopped moving as it looked at the group and said, “Ah….My Fleshies..”

His body began to plump and bulge out like a bloated sausage. He first appeared to be an overweight man but now resembled an obese monstrosity. His eyes were swallowed up by darkness. His teeth fell out onto the floor as two rows of fangs grew in their place elongating his face into what looked like a piranha’s mouth.

“My Fleshies!” The monster shrieked again as it lunged forward moving like a charging rhino. It’s arms flapped back and forth across it’s body while it’s mouth hung open.