Her lips. (Flash Fiction)

Her lips were soft.

There was a taste of revenge on her tongue though, and I knew exactly what I meant to her. She slowly pulled away and looked at me with large brown eyes. They were so inviting.

I really wanted to.

“What about Grey?” I asked simply.

“What ABOUT Grey? He’s nothing anymore.” She said unbuttoning my shirt.

“This isn’t right,” I said grabbing her hands.

“Are you serious? What guy says that at this moment?”

“The nice ones, that finish last and see all the mistakes everyone else has made,” I replied buttoning my shirt back up and walking for the door.

“That was stupid. You’re a waste of..” Her words were cut off by the door closing behind me.

I didn’t need to hear them. It didn’t matter if Grey was a friend of mine or not. It was the fact that I knew about the two of them. What kind of scum would go a long with that anyway?

Karma can become a calamity to those who ignore her.

As I walked away from the small townhouse, I took my phone out and sent Grey a text saying his wife just kissed me. We weren’t good friends, only co-workers, but wrong is wrong and I have enough Sins to worry about.


Thank you for reading. I tried to write a flash fiction story with a minimal amount of details and names that would still draw you into the scene. Let me know if you liked or disliked it.


One comment on “Her lips. (Flash Fiction)

  1. katmaxwell says:

    I’m not too familiar with flash fiction and what usually goes into them because I’m more of a novel girl, but I think it had just enough detail to give me a good picture of what’s going on without overwhelming me. It was a good, fast read that didn’t leave me confused or thinking “what the…” 🙂

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