The Wilting of Amy Rose ch1pt2

Even though she was bundled up with a large maroon colored puffy coat, black gloves, blue scarf, and ear muffs, it felt good to have the heater on full blast. She hoped her nose would stop running and not be so red. She hated when her nose ran, which it did all the time recently. Amy stretched up and glanced into the rear view mirror taking a quick look at herself. She looked horrible; eyes red from a mixture of hardly any sleep and crying. She had bags under them. Her complexion was pale and she noticed she forgot to put on any make up at all. “A withered Rose now,” Amy said to herself feeling a lump form in her throat. Richard had called her a, “Rare rose of beauty,” numerous times because of her last name.

Amy rose, 27, daughter of a very proud Frank and Kathy Rose. Amy wished her mother was still around. She always had good advice for her. Kathy rose had died last summer succumbing to her battle with lung cancer. It should of made Amy quit smoking, but it only made her smoke more from stress. She had watched her die in the hospital where she works, Grand River Medical Hospital. Amy was so proud of herself when she was accepted to be a nurse there, but that seemed like decades ago now.

Richard turned down Nelmar Road and Amy followed. She couldn’t believe she could still cry, but tears began to run down her pale freckled face. Amy knew where Richard was going, she knew before he got into the car, but it hurt so bad to be right and actually see what was going on. For so long she tried to deny it.

“All the things you said…were they all lies? Did you mean any of it?”

She just wanted it to stop. At times, it felt like her heart was literally breaking inside of her chest. Those were the times Amy wished it would just stop beating all together. Just stop.

“Why do I still care and hurt so bad?…It’ll be over soon…It has to, I cant take this shit anymore..”

Richard slowed down and pulled into Hillary Fletchinger’s drive way.


The Wilting of Amy Rose. Ch1Pt1

Amy fidgeted with her long brown curls as she waited. She hated waiting. Patience was a word Amy didn’t have time to understand. She grabbed her phone and checked her Facebook account. No Notifications. She scrolled down her Friends List and selected “Richard Kane”. His profile popped up with a new status update, “Going on a much needed vacation to get away from everything…

“To get away from me Richard? To run away from our relationship? With her?”

Amy could feel her face getting red with anger. She needed a cigarette. She tossed her phone into the passenger seat and started digging through her purse on her lap. Of all the purses she could of gotten, she had to buy the one with a million pockets. It looked more like a tan leather sack with a shoulder strap than a purse. She dug around until she found it next to the hunting knife.

Only a matter of time now,” she thought as she lit her Marlboro cigarette and took a long pull off it. Amy exhaled slowly and grinned as she watched the smoke disappear.

She’ll make him disappear.

He’ll never hurt anyone ever again. It was her duty to do so, she was justified. Her memories wouldn’t fade but her pain would; especially after Richard leaves for his “vacation” that he wouldn’t be returning from.

Minutes dragged on like snails as she sat in her Ford Probe several houses down from Richard’s house. Amy watched the snow flakes slowly fall from the sky. She wondered if it got cold every year because God just got tired of caring about everyone. So many sinful people not worrying about their souls and letting themselves be controlled by their flesh.

She gripped the cross around her neck. A gift from her deceased mother. She thought about her mother’s words when she gave her the cross, “If you do the right thing all the time, God will notice and protect you. He will guide you to the doors of Heaven.”

This wasn’t Murder, it was Justified Punishment.

She looked up and her heart sank momentarily. There he was. An advocate to the Devil. A man with a serpent tongue spreading slithering lies. Without realizing it, Amy’s hand went to the knife and pulled it out of her purse.

“Soon,” she whispered as if she had to re-assure herself that it would be used. Amy watched him walk to his black Trail Blazer. He wore a black skull cap covering his short blonde hair with the leather coat she had given him on his birthday in October.

“Just use me, that’s all you ever did.”

Richard opened the car door and got in. Amy grabbed her phone and called his number watching him closely. He looked down for a few seconds, then set something down in the passenger seat. His phone went to voice mail. She hung up feeling very hollow inside. Last try, Last chance.

Richard started his Trail Blazer and let it warm up a few minutes before pulling off the side of the road, where he was parked, and into traffic. Amy took one last pull from her cigarette before putting it out and started her car to follow behind.

The Wilting of Amy Rose (Blurb)

The Wilting of Amy Rose

Near the edge of her breaking point, Amy Rose finds herself traveling down the path to murder. She’s not a killer, not a psychopath, but a simple woman seeking justice. That justice, however, involves a quick thrust of a knife. In the end, maybe something is wrong with Amy Rose’s mind.

Join Amy and the people who interacted in her life through different events that have led to this moment. Each person tells their own story that is connected to Amy and sheds light on who she really is. Is she deranged? Will she be strong enough to fulfill her justice?

***First draft for one of my novels. Excerpts will follow.***