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Two Poems

**I swear I’m working on stories and my novella as well. These just come out faster***


I saw the galaxies swirling in your eyes,

And I knew I had found my world.

Star-struck by the amount of luck

It took for us to come together.

Was it destiny, Was it meant to be?

We walked the same path,

A road of shattered dreams,

Finding that we each had the missing pieces

To complete a future.

It seemed like all the gravity in the world gave out,

When I fell for you.

I could hear the words between our kisses,

Whispering a symphony of endless love.

And no matter where I was,

It was always Home,

As long as you were

By my side.



Until you said Goodbye


The Sun showed off your angel wings,

Your smile showed a Glimpse of Heaven…

Rarely have I seen dreams come true,

Like the one I had of me and you.

I swear,

even my soul felt at home

next to yours,

Making me realize why nothing else ever worked.

All I had at the time was a Hope,

And you…

It feels like only a moment ago I held your hand,

But now,

All I have to hold on to are our memories..

Was it happiness? Was it love?

It was for me…

Desolation (Poetry)

Through sorrow filled gasps of despair,

I breathed in a rancid smell of failure.

It was a constant reminder of us.

Chewed and spit into gutter trash,

I remained a man of broken hopes.

Though my throat was harsh,

drinking in your excuses seemed pleasant enough.

I began to paint a Joker’s smile on my face,

so swallowing this disappointment wouldn’t look too painful.

Another one of those nights.

“Blah,” would be the word that comes to my mind tonight. I tried writing some story ideas that I’ve had for a little while, but nothing seemed to really grab my attention. I mainly read other peoples’ blogs and short stories which I found intriguing and I started following a few of them.  Maybe That’s why I couldn’t write well tonight, I needed to connect with others for future support, inspiration, or collaboration? Who knows. Inspiration can come from anything or anyone.

From a positive point a view, I have the beginning started on three short stories which came to about 700 words total tonight. That might not sound like a lot to some, but it’s more than 0 words.