Writing Exercise #3!

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I’m back from Arizona and getting into the swing of things again. Here’s another Writing exercise for everyone to check out and participate in if they’d like. I’ll be posting an exert from my Horror story soon. Once it’s finished I’ll be sending it to a Short Story Contest which is the reason why I won’t be able to post the full story on here.

Here’s this weeks Writing Exercise:

“Everything would be right”

My cell rang again, but I didn’t answer it. I just smiled and set it to vibrate. I knew it was driving him crazy not knowing what I was doing, not knowing where I was, and with who.
I glanced over at Jake as he drove down the dirt road. He seemed like the opposite of him, simply care free and wild. Maybe that’s what I needed now. Maybe that’s what my heart needed to be.

“How much farther?!” I yelled so he could hear me over the wind since he had taken the top off his Jeep.

“Not much farther Darlin’, just hold on to your pretty self!” He said with wink.

He was very handsome with short brown hair and a defined jawline with stubble.

I couldn’t help but to grin. Everything felt right. My hair was blowing in almost every direction. The sun was out with only minimal clouds to get in the way. I closed my eyes and took it all in. There were no arguments, no fighting, no stressing out, and no tears. Everything was right.

The cell vibrated again as we came to the river. I jumped out of the Jeep leaving my phone behind. The river looked amazing. It sparkled from the reflection of light from the Sun. I could see all the way to the bottom as if it was untouched by mankind. A hidden gift from some water god like Poseysidden or whatever his name was.

“Yea, not many people come down this way so the river stays pretty clear.” Jake said as if reading my thoughts.

“How about a dip?” He said taking off his shirt and boots almost at the same time.

I took my dress off which hid my two-piece swim suit and we swam for hours. I couldn’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Maybe when I was a teeny-bopper? It wasn’t anytime recently.
After the swim we dried off by laying in the sun and talking about college goals and dreams of what we’d do afterwards.

We dressed and walked around near the river. There were only a few trees near by; it was mostly grass and some sandy parts.

“So, what are you gonna do about the guy calling you non-stop?” Jake asked catching me off guard.

“How do you know it’s a guy and not just my parents?” I asked slyly avoiding his emerald eyes.

“Ya woulda picked up or called back by now if it was your parents…Nah…I know it’s a guy, probably wishing he hadn’t screwed up so bad to be ignored by such a beautiful woman as yourself.”

Oh, how silver his tongue could be. He had a deadly combination of looks and smarts.

“Ha, well, too bad for him.” I said continuing to walk until I came to a small dead tree.

“Bad for him, Maybe good for me?” Jake said raising an eyebrow my way.

“Maybe..” I responded as I grabbed the tree and leaned into the wind. I smiled at him as I saw a slow smile of his own overcome his rough face.

Everything would be right.


Writing Exercise #2


*Note: Another writing exercise! If anyone want’s to try then please feel free to comment with your story for the picture.*

I sat down wishing the pain would go away. It wasn’t the first time that he’s hit me like that. They were usually directed towards my belly which wouldn’t show any bruises. I just wish my mother was here to see it. She never is. He makes her believe I say he hits me because I hate him for not being my real father.

My nose is starting to run from the tears that I’ve been trying to fight back for few minutes now. I don’t know why he doesn’t love me anymore. He used to, before he married my mother.

I’ll stay out here for a while and hope he falls asleep on the couch again. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak back in and lock the door to my room. Mommy will be home in an hour; I hate how she can only find the third shift jobs.
I can feel people staring at me briefly as they go on their way to work. I wish they could help. I wish I could tell them to help me. I don’t have any bruises though. I only have my words and tears.

Another ten or so minutes I’ll sneak back in. It’s so chilly out, I hate how much I shiver. My mother’s hot chocolate would be so good right now. I hope she makes me some when she gets home. I’m going to miss it so much. I’ll miss her too. I know she’ll cry when she finds me gone tomorrow. It hurts my heart to think about.

Sunday Writing Exercise #1

random 1


Every Sunday I’m going to be uploading a random photograph and creating a story behind it.  This is an old writing exercise that I find very entertaining and powerful.  Most writing exercises have restrictions or themes; this one is just a simple picture to go off of.  You can have how many ever words of a thriller, a horror, suspense, ect.  It can be mostly dialogue or mainly action. It’s all on the writer!  I’m only aiming at between 300-500 words for each picture. Also, if anyone else would like to create their own story on these pictures then please do so by leaving comments!


***Note:  So, this exercise isn’t suppose to be something that takes all day or you edit and re-draft and ect.  I took about 30-40 minutes and wrote these 704 words about the picture. It’s not exactly great, but it’s a story. Also, I tried to keep it short but it’s hard to do for some stories. Hope you all enjoy!***



Miranda hated packing; she hated moving in general and most of all, she hated meeting new people. She had done this four years before when she was 12 and her father had been hired at a new factory across state.

The sun was out and shining, beating down and lashing any person that didn’t have sunscreen on. It was hot and people weren’t exactly in a happy mood unless they were laying by a pool or beach or relaxing inside.

Miranda took the last box into her room and lay it down with the others which created a wall of boxes that towered over her.
“This is stupid,” She muttered to herself.
“What is?” Miranda’s mother said peeking into the room and quickly glancing around.

“This! Moving again!”

“I know hunny, but your father needs this to support us. Sure, it’s a smaller house than we’re used to, but it’s way cheaper to own and maintain.”

Miranda wanted to say how her father should of gotten a better job a long time ago instead of having them live paycheck to paycheck. Miranda wanted to say how pathetic her life has been living of off food stamps because they couldn’t bring in enough income. She wanted to say a lot of things, but she held it in like always.

“Now start unpacking, we’ll try to have dinner at a decent time tonight,” Miranda’s mother said walking away.

Miranda began sifting through her boxes dividing them into those that stayed out and those that went into her closet. Once this was done, she inspected her new closet which was half the size of her old one. It had a pull string light and two racks on each side to hang clothes.

“God! I’m going to have to fold and stack my clothes on the floor,” she muttered as she looked down at the old wooden floor of the closet.
Something caught her eye in the back of the closet on the floor. One of the boards were lifted up slightly. It looked like it might pop up.
Miranda walked in and squatted down to the board and pulled it up with little effort. She couldn’t make out what was inside.
She reached her hand in and felt something furry. Immediately she shot her hand out, “Oh god it’s a dead animal!” She felt a little nauseous. But where was the smell? If something was dead it would of smelled horrible, she said to herself.
Hesitantly, she slowly reached her hand back in and pulled out a hand full of dusty fur. Once in the light she examined it.
“It’s…a hat..” She muttered feeling a little bit embarrassed for freaking out.
She rolled her eyes. It was quite ugly, something a red neck or hillbilly would wear. As she looked it over, a note fell out.

“This was my favorite hat. I wore it everywhere I went, even if it was blazing balls outside. I’m leaving it because my father made it for me and he just died of lung cancer. It hurts to hold onto now or even look at. I hope whoever finds this will take care of it and that they have both their parents to love

Miranda was speechless; there was a pit in the bottom of her stomach that slowly faded as she stared at the note for a few seconds longer before reappraising the hat she held. Maybe it wasn’t THAT ugly. Maybe it was a sort of a cool fashion statement.
She brushed the hat off and put it on. Miranda walked out of her room and found her dad bringing the last box from the moving truck in.
She hugged him as he passed by.

“Whoa, what’s up little lady?”


“Umm..alright..Nice hat ya got there,” Miranda’s dad said as they stood for a few seconds in the hallway of their new house. “Hey, I found my camera in one of the older boxes. Why don’t you start taking some pictures of the new house. We can do some kind of ‘Before and After’ scrapbook for your mother.”

“Sounds good dad,” Miranda said squeezing one last time before fetching the camera. She went outside and started taking pictures.