Talk of Dreams. (Poetry)

I talk of dreams,

Where my lips touch yours.

So Thrive my soul,

When I am so close to you.

Let my words find favor in your heart,

Lest I succumb to this curse of loneliness.

I have only sought a love to mirror my own.


I talk of dreams,

Where I hold the world at bay with one hand,

While the other holds on to yours.

Never will I let go of my deepest beliefs,

Which is in the two of us.

For I have seen a glimpse of Heaven,

When I look upon your grace.


I talk of dreams,

Of you and I,

Despite any reason as to not,

I can only hear the roaring in my Heart

as to why I must.

I will fight with the entirety of my soul

For your hand to be mine,

Because I know…This Love…to be True.


Let me whisper of honest promises,

Let me speak of True Love,

Let me…Talk of Dreams.


Inner Child


I haven’t written any poems in a number of years.  I’m not exactly sure why I stopped, but I wanted to slowly get back into it again.  I was reading some of my older poems I’ve written and wanted to share a few of my favorites over the next couple of days.


Inner Child

The feathers floated down to the puddles,
and I knew it was too late.
A child’s dream still held on to the nonsense,
but the eyes that didn’t want to open..started to flutter…
I knew the bullet wasn’t physical,
but the aiming was precise
and the damage…was equivalent.
You never had to see to of known
that the blood-loss was substantial,
I could of told you that between the mouth fulls.
Can you hear the gargling sound of death?
It becomes a sweet symphony of maturity,
when the naive innocence insides decays.
You’ve slain a part of me that I’m better without.
I don’t know whether to thank you or cry,
I’ll never dream again…
Subconscious bitter coldness,
Goodbye Inner Child…