She Was Fierce

***The first line is from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ***

Though she was but little, she was Fierce!

With eyes full of dangerous intellect cloaked in poisonous Emeralds; She could pierce the soul and ruin men slowly. One simply could not deny her persistence. Like a blade of grass growing from cracks in the cold stone, she would find her breathe through any suffocating darkness. No Chains of depression were able to hold her down. No man was strong enough to break her will, or slow her. Her stride came from a momentum born of wanting MORE in life… There were no excuses…

I have seen the way her soul cries out: “I have known a life of breaking pain, there is nothing you can do now to sway me!”

‘Sacrifice,’ had become a custom, ‘Compromise,’ a known Art, but ‘Settling’ was an abomination to her spirit. She was a warrior without swords, or shields, or armor. She herself seemingly made of steel, merciless in her conquering. For the vocabulary of an unforgiving and educated woman can bring down any King just the same as strike to the heart.

She spoke with a wisdom…that I wish didn’t come from first hand experiences. Her face was absent of laugh lines, only knowing hardships and anguish. Her hands were rough from holding-on to possibilities. I could hear a dull pain in her voice even on rare days when she spoke of joys…

And yet she kept moving forward…

There are those in this world who find strength in sorrow, who don’t yield to fate. That carve their own destinies through history, because living in the shadows of greatness is not living at all. It is merely dying without a purpose.

Let it be known, the day her blood runs cold is the day this world loses a goddess. For the sake of giving names, let us call her Athena. Even in her short comings, I’ve seen a strategy that gave birth to promising opportunities. Never staggering before the blows of Life, but always moving forward regardless of what wall was erected to stop her in her tracks.

She would never know failure, because she would never give up.

She was fierce.


Two Poems

**I swear I’m working on stories and my novella as well. These just come out faster***


I saw the galaxies swirling in your eyes,

And I knew I had found my world.

Star-struck by the amount of luck

It took for us to come together.

Was it destiny, Was it meant to be?

We walked the same path,

A road of shattered dreams,

Finding that we each had the missing pieces

To complete a future.

It seemed like all the gravity in the world gave out,

When I fell for you.

I could hear the words between our kisses,

Whispering a symphony of endless love.

And no matter where I was,

It was always Home,

As long as you were

By my side.



Until you said Goodbye


The Sun showed off your angel wings,

Your smile showed a Glimpse of Heaven…

Rarely have I seen dreams come true,

Like the one I had of me and you.

I swear,

even my soul felt at home

next to yours,

Making me realize why nothing else ever worked.

All I had at the time was a Hope,

And you…

It feels like only a moment ago I held your hand,

But now,

All I have to hold on to are our memories..

Was it happiness? Was it love?

It was for me…

Next to You( Poetry)

I saw my caution turning into regret

And my grip on confidence tightened.

Your words weren’t needed,

I already knew you didn’t feel the same.

Although, living without ever knowing

The feeling of your lips would forever haunt me.

I left my pride and ego at the car door,

Standing in front of you naked in truth.

Forgive what must of been seen as being forward.

It might of been my last chance

To show you where my heart wishes to lay.

Next to a Good Woman.